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Alpha Contracts FAQ's

Application FAQs

Q - How do I apply for the credit? 
A - Complete the appropriate application or proposal form. This will be different for a Limited Company or for an Individual so make sure you use the correct form. If we need any additional information we will ask when you send in the form. 

Q - How long does it take? 
A - We should have an answer in less than 24 hours, for an individual even quicker! 

Q - I have a poor credit rating, can you still help me? 
A - Talk to us, we have access to many finance companies. We can always find a solution for you.

Vehicle FAQs

Q - Will you take my current car as part exchange? 
A - Of course, tell us what it is and we'll give you a price. Our trader will happily deal with you direct. 

Q - Who supplies the vehicle? 
A - All vehicles are supplied by the Manufacturer's main franchised agent. 

Q - Is there a warranty on the vehicle? 
A - All vehicles are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, or balance of if the car is not new when delivered. 

Q - Do I have to collect my new vehicle? 
A - No we will deliver to any point on the UK mainland. If you are in Northern Ireland then please ask us for more information, we do supply vehicles to clients in NI. 

Q - Will you buy the vehicle from my local dealer? 
A - Provided your local dealer is able to match our discount terms then of course, no problem! 

Q - Do you have vehicles in stock? 
A - Yes we always have a good stock of special offer cars that are in stock and ready for delivery.

Finance & Contract FAQs

Q - Is there a deposit required in advance? 
A - We do not require a deposit to order a car unless it is a very unusual model 

Q - Are there any hidden fees? 
A - Alpha Contracts do not charge fees for arranging your finance. The finance company may charge a document fee but this is clearly shown on their documentation. 

Q - Do your contracts include servicing costs? 
A - If required we can quote you for the cost of servicing, which will include all services, replacement parts and unlimited tyres. A useful addition if you are looking to control your motoring budget. 

Q - Who insures my vehicle? 
A - You will be responsible for insuring the vehicle, and Fully Comprehensive insurance is mandatory. 

Q - What happens at the end of the finance agreement? 
A - That depends upon your agreement, with a Contract Hire then you return it to the Contract Company, with other leases you are responsible for disposal. We will write to you and tell you what you do next. 

Q - I'm doing too many miles than are allowed on my contract, what can I do to avoid a big bill? 
A - Let us know and we can increase your mileage allowance. Make sure you do this in good time before the end of contract date.