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A Brave New World?

THE deadline for this edition of Business Times was Election Day and the team kindly gave me another 24 hours to reflect briefly upon the result. 

The dust from the election fallout will well and truly have settled by the time you read this and you, of course, know that the Government carrying us into the next decade of the 21st Century is led by Boris and his band of Brexiteers. 

So what did the electorate choose? 

They chose democracy rather than allowing an elite to make decisions for us taking their lead in part from an unelected far away body. 

They chose to keep capitalism, the engine of our industrial society, which has allowed the country to flourish through the decades, and not to experiment with an economic model that almost certainly would end in disaster. 

And they chose to continue to build a successful diverse society and not revert to a time when enterprise, success and hard work are penalised by excessive taxation. 

Some would say that the last 10 years has been a wasted opportunity, coping with the fallout from the financial crisis, the damage caused by a decade of New Labour Government and missed opportunities in the massive changes in technology, social media and the like. And the most recent three years have seen us becalmed in a sea of political and economic uncertainty. The election result gives us (hopefully) a firm hand at the helm and the ability to take decisions as a country, enabling us to look forward positively. 

So, referring back to an earlier piece in the Business Times, you can now blow the dust off your future plans, move forward as companies and ride in the slipstream of the Brexit process as the Government takes us forward. Of course, this in turn will present challenges for us all as the trade agreement with the EU is negotiated. Our leasing company partners will keep us abreast of implications for our businesses, whether that be tariffs or duties imposed upon imported vehicles or product shortages, and we will in turn communicate that to yourselves. 

At Alpha Contracts we will continue to find you deals of incredible quality on cars and commercials that will help you meet the challenges ahead as we all try to travel toward the global target of net zero. We all wish you a hugely successful 2020, let us hope it is profitable, peaceful and even that Newcastle United actually finally win something! (If Boris pulls that off he really has got something to be proud of.) 

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Safe motoring.

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1st of January 2020